Microsoft Corporation has officially announced their next version of Windows, which is going to be Windows 7, in Windows Vista Team Blog, which is the official blog for Windows Vista. The announcement was made by Mike Nash, Corporate Vice President, Windows Product Management, Microsoft Corporation in one of his posts there. According to his post on Vista Team Blog, Microsoft Corporation will share the details of the release Windows 7 on two of their upcoming events at PDC and WinHEC. Further they are planning to share a pre-beta "developer only release" with attendees of both shows. Also he has mentioned that this is the first time Microsoft is using a codename to name a final product. Now you may wonder what's the point of talking all these nonsence in a personal blog. Well, Just to make a single point. If you are willing to take part in one of the above two events of Microsoft, where there are planning to distribute developer only versions of Windows 7 for "free", you may need to think about this also, Whether to assure the quality of Windows 7 (or Simply put, QA Windows 7) for "free" using the "free" version you get and pay "$$$" for the final official release to buy your own copy of Windows 7 or use your time on QA-ing Windows 7 for "free" on something worth investing???. Good Luck with Windows 7!!!

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