Fed up with keeping Facebook Home page open in your browser all the time just to chat with your Facebook buddeis??? You don't need to do that anymore. Yes, Pidgin community has done it again for you, just for you. Now plug-ins are available to enable Facebook chat on Pidgin, where you can use Facebook chat simply as you use your favorite instant messenger to KIT with your buddies. Here I'm mentioning the plugin I'm using to reach my buddies in Facebook. It's called pidgin-facebookchat. You can easily install it by downloading it into your local hard drive. It is available as a deb for Debian users, as an exe for Windows users and Red Hat users can check the future plans page to check whether the rpm is ready. The installation is really easy. Just double click on the exe or deb you downloaded and add a new account to chat with Facebook buddies by navigating to Accounts > Manage on Pidgin. Click on add tbutton there to add a new account for Facebook chat while selecting Facebook Chat as the protocol. Then you can enter your username (Your e-mail account you use to log in to Facebook) and password to enter facebook. That's all you need. Why wasting your computer resources on browser when you really don't need it? Use Pidgin.

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    Kohomba123 said...

    I tried it, and it seems really cool. No more struggling with the browser. But the UIs of Pidgin are not very impressive.

    Anyway I have noticed frequent failures in facebook chat, specially when trying to navigate through fb pages, and sometimes for no reason. Are those issues being addressed by the Pidgin plugin?

  1. ... on October 4, 2008 at 11:15 PM  
  2. SanJ Wijeratne said...

    Thankx Radz for using it. Well u know, Pidgin is a free software published under GNU GPL and most of the people working on it are very much focused on its functionality, not the beauty of the UI's. So u'll not get fancy UI's as in Windows here, but I can guarantee that the functionality is far more better than those tools with beautiful UIs. That's the beauty of Free Software. But still you can install Pidgin themes, even there are themes that gives you the exact Windows Vista look and feel than what Vista gives you ;-). And, Of course yes, most of the issues with Facebook chat are sorted out in this tool, so you can use it without any trouble. Navigating through Facebook book pages won't close your chat windows anymore ;-).
    Enjoy Chatting Via Pidgin ;-)

  3. ... on October 4, 2008 at 11:41 PM  
  4. tuxbotix said...

    Thanks very much :D i think you don't have to wait for rpm or wait until the developers of the distribution put the package in repositeries, obtain the sourcecode and compile!

  5. ... on May 5, 2009 at 11:36 PM