This article carries out some facts on how to disable AutoRun feature available in Microsoft Windows Vista. It is based on some facts I got by googling "How to disable AutoRun in Vista". Usually, we can stop a removable device executing its autorun.inf file by holding the SHIFT key while plugging it to the computer in Windows XP versions. But this is no longer supported in Windows Vista and therefore I suggest the following method which will stop the execution of the autorun.inf file/s saved in your removable media, (i.e. Pen Drives, CDROMs etc.). Note that this will not stop the pop up window appeas as soon as you plugged a removable media. If you want to stop popping up that window, use "Set AutoPlay Defaults in Control Panel" link appears at the bottom of the pop up window and unckeck "Use AutoPlay for all media types box".

You need to write a small registry entry and add it to your registry to permanently block the execution of autorun.inf files. The code you need to write is given at the end of this post. These three lines should be saved in to a new file called NoAutoRun.reg. Then right click on it and merge it in to your system's registry. You need to restart your computer after merging new values to the system registry and then you can check whether its working by inserting a CD which has an autorun.inf file (Most of the software CDs have autorun.inf files) and it will not run automatically unless you manually run it. Good Bye AutoRuns :-D


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