I use Pidgin in my personal computer to chat with my buddies. It is a great tool (Chat Client) where you can log in to all you chat accounts using a single interface. Currently it supports most of the very famous messenger channels like Gtalk, Yahoo, MSN, MySpace etc. But something I found a bit difficult is how pidgin notifies me when a buddy logs in/out. By default it makes a beep sound (Which you can configure to a sound source you prefer) when a buddy logs in/out and doesn't show the alias of the buddy who logged in or logged out. This was a bit uncomfortable for me to handle because to know who logged in/out, every time I had to open pidgin and look at the buddy list whenever I heard a beep sound. Finally I found an additional plugin after writing this to pidgin community in Ubuntu forum. The plugin is called libnotify-popup and comes with pidgin-libnotify package which allows pop-ups to appear on the bottom -right of the screen when a buddy logged in/out. Here goes the steps to install and configure the plugin.
  1. First open a treminal by pressing Alt + F2 or by going to Applications > Accessories > Terminal.
  2. Type "sudo apt-get install pidgin-libnotify" to install pidgin-libnotify package.
  3. After the installation, restart pidgin.
  4. Now go to Tools > Plugins in Pidgin Chat Client and select libnotify-popup plugin from the list.
  5. Now click Configure Plugin button at the bottom of the window and configure it to receive popup notifications when a buddy logs in/out by selecting the apprropriate check boxes.
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